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  1. RT @MarkRPellegrino: I have a new ship: Lucichester. Hm. Tell me if you like.

  2. @peoplecons please invite @MarkRPellegrino to #darklightcon2! We want him!

  3. @legendre007 @MarkRPellegrino Good job! The names are the same btw

  4. RT @legendre007: Those who have made a slogan of "check your privilege!" should check their premises. @yaronbrook @MarkRPellegrino @rolhor…

  5. RT @TheRealBradLea: HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE: •Think BIG •Are ambitious •Love learning •Are confident

  6. RT @TheAliceSmith: Leftists: “Guns for self defence are bad!” Leftists: “Guns that force people to pay tax are good.”

  7. RT @MarkRPellegrino: This https://t.co/gFwpSEBzfK

  8. RT @BoschFawstin: If your answer to armed madmen is to disarm everyone, you’re a madman.

  9. RT @legendre007: @TheParisCutie @MarkRPellegrino @yaronbrook My favorite feature of free enterprise might be choice itself: I have to be th…

  10. RT @OrwellNGoode: Here's something that is both ironic and iconic. https://t.co/oSySclJzxq

  11. RT @famousquotenet: Never, "for the sake of peace and quiet," deny your own experience or convictions. - Dag Hammarskjöld

  12. I won't be able 2 make much progress on my essay on self esteem. I'm working on a paper for uni on capitalism's moral grounds. @legendre007

  13. RT @MarkRPellegrino: @NoCupsOrLiberty 1) Capitalism has failed to eradicate socialism because socialism is compatible with the dominant alt…

  14. @legendre007 Good job! I'm also halfway through my essay. The 3 parts left are on altruism and capitalism. I hope I… https://t.co/2N0rYOKR6d

  15. RT @CapitalismMag: Ayn Rand’s Philosophy on Helping the Poor, Capitalism, and Human Nature https://t.co/ZOU6gOD2ZU https://t.co/JAXNEt3rMl

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