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  1. I'm just hoping I'll be able to pick up my baby from Fanny at least before the summer... because I -likely- want to plan a litter with her lol. We'll have to wait and see... and be patient.
  2. We've a curfew in NL now, so we can't be outside from 9 PM until 4.30 AM. The border with Belgium is closed at least until the end of February.......
  3. Shita

    Hungry hooligans

    Lovely to see "my" (hungry) boys!
  4. Nice! Haha it's a tough letter, for sure! This is my cheese-themed family, so I really want to name my girl after a cheese... there aren't many starting with the letter Y- though... Luckly there is Yarra cheese!
  5. Well @Rustina.. here she is: If you don't have an exercise wheel yet, I'd advice you buy one...
  6. Change of plans - the lockdown here is prolonged to at least February 9th. They're thinking about adding a curfew to it as well. Big thanks to @Fanny.44 for keeping my babies as long as it takes.
  7. moulting at 7 weeks old (wannabe hooded ) she's a keeper photoshoot at 8,5 weeks old! boys... M1 - Shita's Youri (potential breeding male) will be homed at Jeannette (also the owner of Tobias, his father ) M2 - will be homed with M4 and M6 at Britt M3 - will be homed with M5 at Anouk (potential breeding male) M4 - will be homed with M2 and M6 at Britt M5 - will be homed with M3 at Anouk (potential breeding male) M6 - will be homed with M2 and M4 at Britt girls! F1 - will be homed with F5 at Justine @Rustina (export France) F2 - Shita's Yentha will be homed at Hesci @Hesci F3 - Shita's Yarra (mine!!!!) will stay in the rattery @Shita F4 - will be homed at Lieke F5 - will be homed with F1 at Justine @Rustina (export France)
  8. My girls Squacquerone, Thiri, Ulenka and Xinyi I didn't tell here, but Squacquerone had to have surgery half of November - there was a tumor behind her eye, so it was removed. She has recovered very well, I can't say she's acting any different - still as sweet (and naughty!) as before.
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