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  1. I'm even considering a second litter... since Yarra had stillborn babies (C2-litter). I might breed Aurore to either an uncle or brother of her!
  2. Photoshoot at 7,5 weeks old M1 - burmese M2 - burmese M3 - burmese F1 - sable F2 - sable F3 - sable F4 - burmese F5 - burmese F6 - burmese F7 - burmese F8 - burmese
  3. Sorry I haven't been around much due to personal circumstances... sorry!
  4. baby belly On day 22, Aurore gave birth to a beautiful litter of 11! We have 3 boys and 8 girls, of which one was very small (only 4 gram...) Now after 14 days, the tiny girl is still with us, very much alive and kicking! first pic 14-07-2021 15-07-2021 17-07-2021 boys (all 3 burmese) girls (3 sable, 5 burmese) 21-07-2021
  5. SHITA'S B2-LITTER Shita's Webster X La Tanière Enchantée Aurore born 11.07.2021 Name of father: Shita's Webster Description: noir burmese sable siamese, self, standard coat, standard ears N° LORD: I still have to add him, but here is his pedigree in our Dutch database Origin: Rattery Shita in the Netherlands Age and weight: 15 months, ~ 700g Character: very into humans (and loves to eat ) Name of mother: La Tanière Enchantée Aurore Description: russian blue burmese siamese, self, standard coat, standard ears N° LORD: LTE55189F Origin: Rattery La Tanière Enchantée in France Age and weight: 8 months, ~ 350g Character: a beautiful girl, open and affectionate, a little bit naughty (just like her mom ) Pedigree: online or download (.pdf) Album: online
  6. Shita

    Dutch ratties

    We have some new additions to our group though. One of them is Ronja, who came back to us after all of her cagemates died. She will be 2,5 years old in just a couple of days! Shita's RONJA
  7. Shita

    Dutch ratties

    24/10/2018 - 16/06/2021 And right after that, we've lost Peigi - she had 2 mammary tumors and wasn't in the best condition anymore, so we had to let her go...
  8. Shita

    Dutch ratties

    01/01/2019 - 08/06/2021 Sadly I lost my Polish import recently, she died in my arms - I'm not really sure why but it was very acute... probably heartfailure.
  9. Well... I definitely took photos of the boys - just didn't show them oops! M1 - Shita's Aang M2 - Shita's Ash M3 - Shita's Abel M4 - Shita's Archie
  10. Shita

    Dutch ratties

    our grandma Rapalje's Quattro Formaggi is 3 years old today!!!
  11. Lovely video. Looks like they're having fun!!!
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