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  1. Lovely video. Looks like they're having fun!!!
  2. Shita

    [OK]Changes affixe/nr

    Great, thanks.
  3. Girls 7 weeks old F1 F2 F3 This week I'll make photos of the boys!
  4. Shita

    [OK]Changes affixe/nr

    Hi, can you please remove/delete the following rats? 2BK55253F (correct nr is RSH55259F) 2BK55254F (correct nr is ETR55261F) ETR54602M (correct nr is ETR55258M) RSH54570M (correct nr is RSH55260M) Thank you in advance!
  5. Screenshot from Zirrael website: As you can see, there wasn't even a litter born on 20.04.2017...
  6. Stiles Stilinski of Zirrael (ETR50364M) date of birth should be 20.06.2017 instead of 20.04.2017! Pedigree: https://www.rattenstambomen.nl/public/rat/stiles-stilinski-of-zirrael/stamboom
  7. 4th generation descendants of Léopold lovely!
  8. Shita's Youri, 6 months old photo taken by his owner Jeannette
  9. One happy family the 3 different nationalities all together! La Tanière Enchantée AYDA - grandmother Shita's THIRI - La Tanière Enchantée AURORE - great-grandmother UMAY of Zirrael Aurore and grandmother Thiri Ayda and Thiri
  10. photoshoot @ 5 weeks old M1 M2 M3 M4 F1 F2 F3
  11. 6 months old just to compare - this is their mother Wapi when she was young... they look so similar!!!
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