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  1. Shita

    Dutch ratties

    Meet my new girls! Shita's VACHERIN, black eyed siamese (daughter of Squacquerone - granddaughter of Quesadilla, Hamka - great-granddaughter of Quattro Formaggi, Hebbes - great-great-granddaughter of Kazue) Shita's WYNN, black rex (half-sister of Ulenka - daughter of Thiri - granddaughter of Umay, Kyan - great-granddaughter of Orinda - great-great-granddaughter of Hebbes, Kazue) Shita's XINYI, russian blue (daughter of Ulenka - granddaughter of Rajani - great-granddaughter of Orinda, Kyan - great-great-granddaughter of Hebbes, Kazue)
  2. My 'cheesy' ladies 4 generations of descendants! Quattro Formaggi > Quesadilla > Squacquerone > Vacherin Taking a family picture....... is challenging It took me a second attempt, but I'm quite satisfied with the result!
  3. Shita

    Dutch ratties

    I've had Kalli put to sleep last week because of pyometra, she had a growing mammary tumor as well, and her condition made me decide not to have surgery anymore, so I had to let her go. 19/01/2018 - 18/07/2020
  4. Lol - Wapi is the naughty one, for sure nothing new for me! Thank you for everything, I've had such a great time - it was really nice to see you again, and meet Ella! I was finally able to show you all my ratties, some really did their best to make you fall in love with them....... I do miss my babies of course, but I know they wouldn't be better off with someone else. You being so happy with them makes me happy too! Wouldn't mind to adopt a La Tanière Enchantée baby at all......!
  5. I always buy LOTS of fleece plaids for them (to make hammocks and other stuff, especially "cuddle bags" (I don't know the proper word for it in English, sorry!), and sometimes I just use it as a blanket during a photoshoot, while taking pictures of my babies. Some of those new plaids have extra fringes or frays on the side, which I cut of and hang into my cages as "decoration", instead of just throwing it away. In case of naughty rats, that clearly don't appreciate the work I put into making hammocks for them... *trying to create extra holes in there, so they can sleep in between 2 layers of fabric*...... well, I rather have them chewing on the weird looking fleece fringe-thingy, instead of the hammocks I made with love...!! They can pull, chew, bite and destroy the decoration in their cage as much as they like, it's just a way to get their mind of things and focus on something else. I've a couple of rats that always try very hard to get it off, so they can take it into their houses or nests haha!
  6. X-V1 X-V2 X-V3 X-V4 X-V5 X-V6 X-V7 X-V8 and their mom Ulenka
  7. W-V1 W-V3 W-V4 @Loulouteratoune W-V5 @Fanny.44 and their mom Thiri
  8. My friend Jeannette took some AWESOME pictures OMG Shita's Wuzzy.......... going out shopping to make us some breakfast! bacon, eggs and pancakes LOL
  9. 5,5 months old now, 634g 9,5 months old, 805 gram....... (definitely needs a diet!!!!) 5 months old now, 551g 9 months old, 675 gram
  10. Shita

    LORD V2 - News

    Great good job.
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