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  1. copied from this topic I'd guess the 4 dark ones to be sable - but it's quite hard to know for sure since they look a lot like the dark choc burmese from my R-litter... To compare, R-litter burmese (Rudolph on the right, next to him is Rajani) T-litter should have some sables in it - R-litter.....not.
  2. Well, Thiri means "radiance, splendour, beauty" in Burmese - what better name for a beautiful burmese girl... (and it's a small reference to Rian.. named after Rapalje's Thyri <3)
  3. boys girls all different shades of brown... gosh, I love burmese
  4. ~ 3-3,5 weeks old at 3 weeks 6 days old, they moved to the big cage whole cage S-litter weight at 4,5 weeks old M1 111g M2 103g M3 103g F1 107g F2 94g F3 69g F4 96g F5 103g F6 97g F7 94g F8 102g
  5. day 5 - boys day 5 - girls day 7 day 8 mom
  6. 13 babies!!! 5 males and 8 females - all happy and healthy! day 2 day 3 boys girls day 4 boys girls
  7. SHITA'S T-LITTER Shita's Rudolph X Umay of Zirrael born 08.09.2019 Name of father: Shita's Rudolph Description: chocolate (siamese) burmese, berkshire, standard coat, standard ears N° LORD: RSH52371M Origin: Raterie Shita in the Netherlands Age and weight: 7 months, 580g Character: very friendly, easy going personality Name of mother: Umay of Zirrael Description: (himalayan) burmese, self, rex, standard ears N° LORD: still have to add her on LORD - here's a link to our Dutch database Origin: Zirrael Rattery in Poland Age and weight: 8 months, 370g Character: sweet and cuddly girl Pedigree: online or download (.pdf) Album: online
  8. He's gorgeous, really I think Shenzi the prettiest of the litter to be honest - I need babies from him!!
  9. Photos at 3,5 weeks old. M1 M2 M3 F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8
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