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  1. Yep so far no manx in my DU line, also no MC but it might help that I am breeding away from variegated markings (I'm aiming for hooded downunder). Also currently working with DU from two different sources. My original DU line started with Shodo, some of his mother's lineage is known but his father is 100% unknown except that he must have been the downunder parent as his mother was not. Shodo's mother possibly got pregnant at Rene Bastiaans so it could be one of his, but could easily be another rat. I'm not going into depth why I used this rat but feel free to message me if you'd like to know (it's also on my website somewhere, no secret ). Those are the ones that threw microphthalmia and anophthalmia when linebred on Shodo, so currently I am avoiding breeding back to his line and hoping to breed away from these issues. Recently I acquired some downunder rats from a different source, a friend breeder of mine got a DU doe from a Czech Rattery (Mouseville) with DU from Zirrael in the pedigree. She bred the doe to one of my hooded bucks and I got a DU doe and DU buck in return. I bred from the doe and am currently using the buck, I recently did a strong linebreeding by crossing a daughter of the doe I got back to the buck (so niece x uncle mating). So far the babies are doing great, they are now 5 weeks old. All have the correct number of eyes and ears and tails. :P
  2. Yees he's lovely! Thank you for letting me have him and thanks to Helene for taking care of him for a while.
  3. Fawkes arrived in the Netherlands! He is soooo handsome and sweet and oh my gosh I'm in love! (Ignore the random stuff in the background :P )
  4. Elian

    Mes hommes

    edit: Oh I just realised I can react to posts with emoticons, sorry!
  5. Elian

    Mes hommes

    We do not know how to behave in the past. Personally I prefer top-eared rats with more all of the same things that they do not care about. That being said the ears of my top-eared are terrible, so ..
  6. Elian

    Mes hommes

    Time to introduce my males to you all! The Eldest: Castor's Flowix, Russian dove berkshire, born April 22nd 2016, father of James Castor's James T. Kirk, lavender, born December 17th, 2017 Castor's Kiedis, black hooded, born January 19th, 2018 Castor's Lightman, agouti Irish, born February 27th, 2018 (included a pic of his marking) Castor's Luke Skywalker, agouti Irish, born February 27th, 2018 Kept him because he had damaged his eye at a few weeks old and ended up having to surgically remove it Now on to some bucks that were originally Rian's.. after her passing I took on some of her rats to continue the line. Shodo, Russian blue (vari)berkshire downunder, possibly something silvermane-ish, born May 5th, 2017, father of Piandao and Mako Rapalje's Fu Manchu, black hooded, born July 6th, 2017, father of Nori Rapalje's Ivarr, cinnamon, born September 30th, 2017, father of my most recent litter and son of Hrefna Rapalje's Jalapeno Jack, albino, born December 17th, 2017, brother of James And now on to the newer generation.. Rapalje's Piandao, agouti variegated downunder, born June 28th, 2018 Castor's Mako, black hooded downunder, born August 23rd, 2018 Castor's Nori, black hooded, born August 31st, 2018 He doesn't live here yet but I can't leave him out: La Tarte Au Citron Fawkes, chocolate silvermane, born October 29th, 2018 Amazing photo taken by Alexia Castor's Ollivander, agouti, born November 6th, 2018
  7. Elian

    Mes femelles

    Interesting! Doesn't help that the difference is pretty minimal (at one point I had two Russian agoutis. a British blue agouti and a Russian dove agouti in the same cage, madness!) and pictures can make the colour look different. Geronimo is also chocolate-based Russian dove, rather than mink-based. Didn't find out until I mated her to a cinnamon buck of mine.
  8. Elian

    Mes femelles

    Since I have around 30 rats at the moment I figured it's better I split them up and not post all rats at once. So first: my girls! The eldest: Castor's Freya, Russian blue agouti berkshire, born May 30th, 2016, mother of Hedwig en Hrefna Castor's GLaDOS, Russian dove hooded, born September 14th, 2016 Castor's Geronimo, Russian dove agouti berkshire, born September 14th, 2016, mother of Ilah and Iorek Castor's Hedwig, British blue, born February 8th, 2017, mother of Jorunn and Jaina Castor's Hrefna, black mitted, born February 8th, 2017, mother of Ikki and Jinora - originally owned by Rian.. Rapalje's Dana, agouti, born May 5th, 2017, mother of Lin Castor's Ilah, agouti berkshire, born May 10th, 2017, mother of Korra Castor's Iorek, black berkshire, born May 10th, 2017 Rapalje's Ikki, pearl, born September 30th, 2017 (I really should get new pics of her and her sister!) Rapalje's (J)inora, black, born September 30th, 2017 Castor's Jorunn, mink, born December 17th, 2017 Castor's Jaina, lavender, born December 17th, 2017 - didn't get pregnant Castor's Korra, agouti hooded, born January 19th, 2018, mother of Mogwai Castor's Lin, black berkshire, born February 27th, 2018, mother of Natsuki Castor's Mogwai, Russian blue berkshire (silvermane?), born August 23th, 2018 \ Castor's Natsuki, black hooded, born August 31st, 2018 That was all for now, sometime later I'll show you all my boys.
  9. SRFA

    Bienvenue sur SRFA !

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