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    Doetinchem, Netherlands
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    9, 4 males- 5 females
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  1. The Hooligans before they moved the boys: M1 Sealpoint blackeyed siamese M2 Choco burmese M3 Sealpoint blackeyed himalayan M4 Sealpoint blackeyed siamese M5 Minkpoint burmese (white feets) M6 Minkpoint birmese irish The girls: V1 Sealpoint blackeyed himalayan V2 Minkpoint blackeyed siamese V3 Minkpoint burmese V4 (Himalayan) burmese
  2. I think its a girl beware, wild rats can be carriers of leptospirosis!
  3. The letter V is the first letter from Vrouw Vrouw is dutch for female i did that automaticly
  4. 4 weeks old, they grow so fast They boys: M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 The girls: V1 V2 V3 V4 And mams is sooo relaxt
  5. Hesci

    Dutch ratties

    She is sooo lovely
  6. The boys The girls Himalayan & siamese
  7. Thanks i'm very happy with her! She's a very good mom and she has such beautiful babies
  8. The boys The girls a handfulll of luck
  9. Shita's U Ulkonäköä (Remy) x La Tanière Enchantée Ayda Born 04-07-2021 6 males & 4 females
  10. Hesci

    3 chocolates

    Pure, milk & white Ciske, Ayda & Yentha
  11. Have fun with the girls, give them a hug
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