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Mes femelles


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Since I have around 30 rats at the moment I figured it's better I split them up and not post all rats at once. :upside: So first: my girls!


The eldest: Castor's Freya, Russian blue agouti berkshire, born May 30th, 2016, mother of Hedwig en Hrefna



Castor's GLaDOS, Russian dove hooded, born September 14th, 2016



Castor's Geronimo, Russian dove agouti berkshire, born September 14th, 2016, mother of Ilah and Iorek



Castor's Hedwig, British blue, born February 8th, 2017, mother of Jorunn and Jaina



Castor's Hrefna, black mitted, born February 8th, 2017, mother of Ikki and Jinora - originally owned by Rian..



Rapalje's Dana, agouti, born May 5th, 2017, mother of Lin



Castor's Ilah, agouti berkshire, born May 10th, 2017, mother of Korra



Castor's Iorek, black berkshire, born May 10th, 2017



Rapalje's Ikki, pearl, born September 30th, 2017 (I really should get new pics of her and her sister!)



Rapalje's (J)inora, black, born September 30th, 2017



Castor's Jorunn, mink, born December 17th, 2017



Castor's Jaina, lavender, born December 17th, 2017 - didn't get pregnant :(



Castor's Korra, agouti hooded, born January 19th, 2018, mother of Mogwai



Castor's Lin, black berkshire, born February 27th, 2018, mother of Natsuki



Castor's Mogwai, Russian blue berkshire (silvermane?), born August 23th, 2018



Castor's Natsuki, black hooded, born August 31st, 2018




That was all for now, sometime later I'll show you all my boys. :)

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Awesome girls!
Your Russian dove agoutis look pretty much alike French Russian agouti. Probably because our agouti (and as a consequence all our agouti-based varieties) is generally warmer and paler than agouti outside of France, and closer to the foreign standards for cinnamon. We already noticed that when comparing with pictures from the NFRS forum. It is interesting to observe it also on Dutch ratties.

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Interesting! Doesn't help that the difference is pretty minimal (at one point I had two Russian agoutis. a British blue agouti and a Russian dove agouti in the same cage, madness!) and pictures can make the colour look different. Geronimo is also chocolate-based Russian dove, rather than mink-based. Didn't find out until I mated her to a cinnamon buck of mine.

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