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Mes hommes


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Time to introduce my males to you all! :D


The Eldest: Castor's Flowix, Russian dove berkshire, born April 22nd 2016, father of James



Castor's James T. Kirk, lavender, born December 17th, 2017



Castor's Kiedis, black hooded, born January 19th, 2018



Castor's Lightman, agouti Irish, born February 27th, 2018

(included a pic of his marking)



Castor's Luke Skywalker, agouti Irish, born February 27th, 2018

Kept him because he had damaged his eye at a few weeks old and ended up having to surgically remove it



Now on to some bucks that were originally Rian's.. after her passing I took on some of her rats to continue the line.


Shodo, Russian blue (vari)berkshire downunder, possibly something silvermane-ish, born May 5th, 2017, father of Piandao and Mako



Rapalje's Fu Manchu, black hooded, born July 6th, 2017, father of Nori



Rapalje's Ivarr, cinnamon, born September 30th, 2017, father of my most recent litter and son of Hrefna



Rapalje's Jalapeno Jack, albino, born December 17th, 2017, brother of James




And now on to the newer generation..


Rapalje's Piandao, agouti variegated downunder, born June 28th, 2018



Castor's Mako, black hooded downunder, born August 23rd, 2018



Castor's Nori, black hooded, born August 31st, 2018



He doesn't live here yet but I can't leave him out: La Tarte Au Citron Fawkes, chocolate silvermane, born October 29th, 2018

Amazing photo taken by Alexia ;)



Castor's Ollivander, agouti, born November 6th, 2018


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We do not know how to behave in the past. Personally I prefer top-eared rats with more all of the same things that they do not care about. That being said the ears of my top-eared are terrible, so .. : Roll:: Upside:

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