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RSH Norbert X ETR Rapalje's Quattro Formaggi


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Shita's Norbert X Rapalje's Quattro Formaggi



born 16/01/2019



Name of father: Shita's Norbert

  • Description: Black, berkshire, standard coat, standard ears
  • N° LORD: RSH49312M
  • Origin: Raterie Shita in the Netherlands
  • Age and weight: 22 months, 665g
  • Character: nice confident guy, alpha of the group
  • Other information: Norbert is also the father of Shita's P-litter (2 males, 1 female)
  • Winner of Best Black Male at the Rian van Andel Memorial Show


Name of mother: Rapalje's Quattro Formaggi

  • Description: BE himalayan agouti-based, self, standard coat, standard ears
  • N° LORD: ETR51415F
  • Origin: Raterie Shita / Raterie Rapalje in the Netherlands
  • Age and weight: 6 months, 319g
  • Character: friendly girl, inquisitive and affectionate


Agouti, BE siamese, BE himalayan

Possibly black, (wheaten) burmese, golden siamese/himalayan, RE siamese/himalayan

self and berkshire markings
standard coat

standard ears, possibly dumbo

Norbert is from Shita's N-litter, he lives with my friend Jeannette. His sister (who lives with me) reabsorbed several times and didn't have any babies - so I'm really happy with Norbert's offspring, otherwise this part of the line would have been lost.


Quattro Formaggi is from Rapalje's Q''-litter, which was born and raised here due to circumstances. After my dear friend Rian from Raterie Rapalje passed away May 11th 2018 I took some of her rats; Rapalje's Hamka was mated to Rapalje's Boursin just like she had planned.

Since it's originally her line, I decided to continue the "cheese themed" names for them.


Pedigree: online or download (.pdf)

Album: online





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Originally she gave birth to a litter of 9. One day later, 2 more babies were born! Surprise!

They're very small but Quattro has nursed them, so I'm hoping they will make it.


7 boys, the 2 little ones on the right



4 girls






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I've never seen or heard it before to be honest. The first 9 were born 16/01/2019, which was day 22. When I took a quick look at them (+- 5-6 hours after birth) they were all clean and nursed by mom. I'm pretty sure there weren't more babies hidden somewhere. The following day (18 hours later) I count 11 + 1 stillborn. Bizarre!


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M1 - agouti dumbo

M2 - agouti dumbo

M3 - agouti

M4 - BE

M5 - BE dumbo

M6 - BE

M7 - RE dumbo


F1 - agouti dumbo

F2 - BE

F3 - BE dumbo

F4 - BE

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